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एकया च पुनः कृष्या प्राथ॔को नैव जायते ।कृष्यन्वितो हि लोकेऽस्मिन् भूयादेकस्च भूपतिः ॥

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Has your child ever asked you where we get fruits and vegitables from?

A person choosing a profession of farming will not be of want, dependent or indulge in begging. Either this farmer will become an owner of much land - Bhoopathi or a king one day.

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As the day gets shorter, the shadows longer and the spirits lower, every person wishes to retire into a world his own, a space like in his dreams, a place similar to the celestial Nandana - his own Eden! We give you your Eden, your Nandanavana and while there take you back to your roots too – Grassroots, how the world was before and how we wish it to be now!
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